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Meet the members of the MorningStar MC!

Abel, club VP. Hacker billionaire genius. Also a sarcastic alph-hole

Eloping with the love of my life isn't as easy as finding an Elvis chapel on the Vegas strip. Demons from my wife's past come back to haunt us before the honeymoon can even start. We have to get through all the secrets and lies to reach our happily ever after. Welcome to Paradise NV, home of the MorningStar MC.

Dorian club SAA. Sharp shooting assassin. Moonlights as a dominatrix takes no sh!t, gives no F's.

When you survive an ordeal like I did at such a young age, people tend to label you a victim. That will never be me. I am a fighter. The past does not define me. So when my secret savior comes out of the shadows to prove his love I do what I do best, fight. Against my family, enemies, and my own heart. Because how could I have found true love during the worst time of my life? My name is Dorian Cole, SAA of the MorningStar MC and I make my own rules.

Sebastian club President, founder, and ring leader. A giant in stature and personality, primal beast...don't touch what's his!

When you’re married to the love of your life for 30 years and lose them tragically, the part of your heart capable of love dies with them. Or so I thought. Somehow this tiny little imp of a woman has wormed her way into the hole left behind by my wife’s death. She is way too young, is being hunted with a price on her head and I’m about to be a grandfather. Am I too old to overcome the obstacles this new romance is taking us on or will it all be worth the risk to make her mine?
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