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Enjoy the second box set of The MorningStar MC Novel series.
Box Set includes:

Cody is the club's medic and BDSM master. He's private, stoic, the healer of body and mind who fixes everyone but forgets about himself.

I’ve dedicated my life to saving people. First for the Navy and now for my club. So, there isn’t a chance in hell that I would allow the most infuriating woman I have ever met to give up on life. Not only does it go against everything I believe in, but I just can’t imagine a world where she’s not annoying me. Does that make me a selfish prick? Maybe. Ask me if I care. NO, I don’t. Because at the end of the day, no amount of cursing this Latin spitfire can throw at me will ever change my mind. Life is worth fighting for. So, she’s not allowed to give up on me. I’ll punish her if she tries.

Finnegan is the mechanic. A bisexual Irish golden gloves boxer who runs from his past but never a fight. He has more love to give than one person can take, making him the perfect family man.

I've always been good with my hands, from fixing motorcycles and cars to boxing in illegal fights. But, unfortunately, my Irish temper got the better of me when I was younger. I fled to avoid the trouble that was chasing me. It's been years since I stepped foot in Boston. I'm not the same man I used to be. No matter how far I ran or how long it's been, my past has finally caught up with me, and it may cost me everything. I left more than I thought behind, and it's time to face my demons head-on to correct my mistakes. Hopefully, I'm not too late to earn forgiveness for my sins.

Cane is Paradise's fire marshal. A fire-loving junky who is very unlucky in love, he's constantly worried about getting burned.

I've always had a healthy obsession with fire. We have mutual respect for one another, our own love language. It's helped me immensely in my work as Fire Marshal of Paradise, NV. The only fire that's ever burned me has come from the female variety. I have a type, wild, spirited, and aggressive. Redheads are my weakness, drawing me in like a moth. A chance meeting brought me to my current obsession, and after spending the best night of my life with her, she disappeared until a few weeks ago. We keep meeting at the wrong damn times, life always keeping her just out of reach. Until I see her fleeing the scene of my latest arson case. Now, it's my mission to find her and figure out if she's the one I've been hunting all along. My life can't be that cruel, could it?
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