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The Rise Of Avalon signed Paperbacks

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Centuries I have waited to break the curse that has plagued my people for my recklessness in trusting the wrong person. 

The cost of my mistake has been too high. Now on the eve of ending all these years of suffering, she is stolen from me.

My mate has been taken from right under my nose, which means only one thing. There is a traitor among my ranks. I must save her above all cost, for she carries with her our salvation. This castle is no longer safe, and I must protect the ones I love while separating friends from foes. We’ll need to go into hiding, leaving our protection to the Mages yet again. The full moon is approaching, and if we don’t break the curse before it wains, all will be lost. I pray history does not repeat itself.

Avalon will Rise. 

To Defend Their Queen.

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